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                Guangzhou Bunge Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangzhou Bunge Partition Products factory ) was founded in 2007, is a collection of professional activity partition, office partition, building decoration materials research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation services and trade as one of the enterprises.. Factory import foreign advanced technology and equipment, with the United States advanced partition technology as the foundation, absorb the German and Danish partition technology of the essence, and the ongoing optimization, improvement and innovation, to ensure that the product has excellent sound insulation and sound absorption effect and flame retardant properties, at the same time to absorb professional and technical personnel, through the design and technology innovation, make the product has better sound insulation effect; more flexible mobile space function; the use of more convenient.

                The movable partition products are widely used in the hotel banquet hall, exhibition hall, International Conference Center, KTV, upscale restaurants, office buildings, schools, hospitals such as a conference room need flexible spacers in place.

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                廣東本格建材實業有限公司 備案號: 粵ICP備13044839號
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                傳 真:(+86)20-81717767 吳經理 E-mail: gzbunge@163.com; gzbunge@hotmail.com; 技術支持:來往科技